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Hair Transplantation Thailand - Bangkok , Pattaya , Chiangmai , Chiangrai

A surgical technique that has found a great appeal in the likings of bald people is that of hair transplantation. This stream of cosmetic enhancement makes those skin portions consisting of hair follicles move from one portion of head or any part of the body to the other that have tendency to go bald or are already balding.

Hair transplantation is usually taken up to render treatment to male baldness that occurs in patterns. Hair transplantation is conducted by grafting hair follicles over balding patches over the scalp. This technique is also resorted in order to reinstate the hair over eyebrows, eyelashes, and beard hair. Hair transplantation is also useful in the cases when scars are caused due to accidents or during surgeries of facelifts or previously done hair transplantations. There is difference between hair transplantation and skin grafting in the terms that in hair transplantation the grafting consists of all layers of epidermis and dermis that surrounds the hair follicle. To make the hair transplantation more effective, the tiny and numerous grafts are transplanted instead of sole skin strap.

Due to the fact that hair grows naturally in follicles in the cluster of 1-4 hair, the procedure of hair transplantation takes place in the grouping of 1 to 4 hair follicular-unit. This is also known as the natural groupings of the hair. The latest kind of hair transplantation is also known by the term of 'Follicular-Unit-Transplantation'.

The hair for hair transplantation is harvested in following ways-

Strip-Harvesting - Under this technique, a stripe of scalp is removed. This removal is done under the influence local anesthesia. This stripe of scalp-tissue is cut in small portions of tissue that are referred to as grafts. These grafts are transplanted over the balding areas covering patients scalp.

FUE Harvesting - This harvesting technique refers to "Follicular Unit Extraction". In this technique, the individual hair follicles are extracted or removed minute punches. Then each follicle is reinserted into the balding portions of the scalp. This grafting technique is very effective because it leaves behind no visible and troublesome scars. This is due to the fact that only small patches of tissue are removed and then transplanted.

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